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I am falling in with the crowd and I am posting about my hopes for 2021. I do not necessarily believe in resolutions and maybe its because I could never stick to them. I do believe in positive thoughts, I believe in the way you approach anything leads to how the outcome effects you.

I want to focus on cleaning my life, cleaning my house, cleaning my mind. I am going to focus on how to make things simple, I am going to unclutter myself. I have always been messy, I have always been absent minded, I now need to focus on how to change that a little. I will be doing that by creating lists for myself, my continuing this blog and by finishing the classes I have set up and finding motivation in my family, my friends, and in life.

This year will bring the end to Chloe's junior year and the start of her senior year, that's crazy to me. She is our oldest and as such we get to enjoy all the firsts with her. First to start school, first to drive, first to graduate. It has been a LONG road with her, she is stubborn, independent, and smart. All those things add up to a child that I hope has learned enough to be on her own but also one who knows that even though I am kicking her out as soon as possible she will always be welcome home.

This year will also bring another season of travel softball for Brianna as well as the end of 6th grade and beginning of 7th grade. Its hard to believe that she is almost all grown up, Brianna is a smart, capable person, she has a bit of growing to do but all in all my main concerns are passing my bad habits, eating and cleaning, on to her.

This year will end Alexandria's first school year, we have still yet to spend a day IN the classroom but she is loving school from home. I just wish that she could have the experience of being around kids her age and learning in person. She is energetic, sweet, and silly, just how any 5 year old should be. I can only hope that she stays that way, that she continues to love school, and that she finds the thing she enjoys doing and gives her peace.

This year is still a non school year for Veronica, she can not start school fast enough. This year has brought a lot of challenges for Veronica, first potty training, then trying to understand why Alex can't play with her all the time anymore. Veronica is a difficult child, she gives no cares, but also cares to much. She loves playing outside, she loves hanging with the family. She still uses her pacifier which I don't mind because Alex still uses sucks her thumb. We tell Veronica that she has to stop for school but she wont need to worry about that for a little while.

This year WILL BE positive, this year will hold change, this year will show us how to be better people. I plan on taking advantage of the quarantine time we have, I also plan on using the time with friends and family as energy boosters. I learned a lot from 2020, and I went through a lot in 2020, I want more than anything to learn from and grow from it all.

So that's it, my resolutions for 2021, not really resolutions but thoughts, and I can not wait to see how it turns out. Do you believe in resolutions? Do you have any major ones? Leave me a comment about what you want to do, see, feel in 2021.

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