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A family of chefs

I do not have a lot of memories of cooking with my mom or great grandma but I know I did. It isn't the easiest thing to have little helpers in my kitchen it is tiny and I run into myself so little ones would just be to much. With that being said I do as much as I can, I have them help at the kitchen table or come in to do one job and then leave.

Learning your way around the kitchen is important for anyone. Depending on fast food, or boxed meals isn't the healthiest or cheapest options. Even the bare minimum of mac and cheese or boiling eggs is a helpful tool to have, and something to build on. You can go from boiling eggs to poaching eggs, making mac and cheese to making risotto, simple tools lead to better things.

Both the older girls have things they like and so I made sure they knew how to make it without burning our house down. Brianna enjoys asparagus and sweet potatoes, Chloe enjoys potatoes and sausage, omelets, and egg salad. They both each know how to make those items at least.

I cook one meal for dinner and if they don't want to eat that meal, that's fine more leftovers for us, but then they have to fend for yourself. That's my rule. I know other moms will make whatever each child wants which is fine for those households. I like to cook but I take my time and I don't feel like being in the kitchen all day to make 5 different dinners. Personal preference is what is best for you.

Cooking can be relaxing for me or it can be the most stressful part of my day. It is all about time management. Its about planning for the worst case scenario, which baby is going to need the most attention, who is going to call me, how much longer will the chicken take because I am doubling the recipe, where did all my ingredients go that I just bought, how did the disappear so quickly? Having children means never knowing how long something will last in the fridge or pantry. Planning for those situations takes pressure off of me, not setting a time table also helps, not having to have food on the table every night by 6 is super helpful.

I plan on continuing to help the older girls figure out what they like, while also finding place for the littles to help me. Both Alex and Veronica have shown a lot of interest in cooking, both have said they want to be a cook when the grow up, as well as a teacher, a vet, a train driver, but if I can give them the starting tools then I am happy to do so. Do you let your children help in the kitchen, huge mistake or fun family memories?

Brianna's sweet potatoes, Chloe's egg salad

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