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A little catch up

The weather is getting nicer here, we were fooled for a moment to think winter had been whisked away but then some snow fall and a 30 degree drop overnight reminded us where we live and that we are never safe until at least May. I am planning my garden for this year, I am going to keep it simple again because who knows what my schedule will be. Tomatoes, squash, cucumber, peppers, and maybe one more thing. I do still want an herb garden I have wanted one for my kitchen for a long time but I have never gotten to it. I'd love fresh Basil, Rosemary, and Cilantro.

I am in full swing of getting ready for softball, I know it sounds crazy but I have to be prepared, first aid kit, toys and crafts for the babies, room in the van, knowing where my chairs and tents are, its a process but it makes games so much easier.

Speaking of room in the van we started looking at possibly getting me a new car, the van I have is ok, but the problems are starting to add up and I would like something that doesn't have any issues and is a little more updated. I did look at SUVs but I couldn't find anything I really liked that was big enough for the long list of what I tend to bring with me for a normal softball tournament. Having a new car would also make it easier to go to the east coast for our family reunion this year as well.

I got an update on the new job, I will start training at the beginning of April and work until they tell me otherwise. I will be working to pay for our trip to nationals later in the summer as well as our trip to the east coast for the reunion.

This will be a lesson in no extra spending. I am here to say I am addicted to Amazon, I find that they have everything I need and they usually have it for cheaper than the store. Now is the time to take a break though, we have a busy season of softball and I really want to take the babies to the east coast this summer. Its not a trip we can make every year and they are old enough to really enjoy it and I feel like they need time with my mom, who they don't get to see enough of.

I am also waiting to hear back from the Census to see if I can work 2 jobs at once. It would be wonderful to get 2 paychecks even if for just a little bit to again help with vacations, and new car payments.

I have been helping my uncle David with the social media side of his new business, he is the proud owner of a company called Color on the Wall, he owns a printer that can print any image on your wall, and as he has found out, ceiling tiles, and mirrors. I have been helping him run his instagram and parts of his facebook. I added a new page here so that people can see some of the work he has done while he is in practice and perfect mode before he goes out looking for the perfect first customer. It has been amazing to watch what he can do with the machine and honestly I'd make him do some work at our house if we lived closer. Check out the new page, which you can find a the top menu on the home page!

Veronica is getting to the age that I can maybe start looking into working again, because she will be in school soon full days. I have no idea what I would do, or what I would like to even look into. That will be a fun thing to look into, finding a new path for me to go down.

There you go a small update on all things us, I apologize for how long its taken me to post something of substance, I am trying, I promise

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