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Adding a goal I didn't know I had

Woke up today and started with breakfast, then cleaning the kitchen, neither of those things are on my favorite to do list but it is satisfying to look around and see nothing but clean and empty space instead of clutter. Dan was working downstairs so I took my laptop and headed down so we could hang out and work together.

I logged on and immediately a thought came to mind, cooking videos. It seems maybe a little strange I have never really thought about me doing cooking videos, I enjoy writing out my recipes and including pictures, I am definitely more a picture person, but Dan and I have been watching a lot of Binging with Babish, a youtube show hosted by Andrew Rea, he mainly focuses on making and remaking dishes from movies, and tv shows, think Monica's candy from Friends, Judy's hot chocolate from The Santa Claus, or broccoli pizza from inside out. The parts I enjoy the most from his cooking videos is 1. His narration, he makes jokes and isn't to serious about what he's doing, and 2. you cant see him, he rarely shows his face and that intrigues me. I added the link to his channel because he is very much worth a watch!

I have wanted to try new things this year, continuing this blog, adding more recipes, and constantly allowing my mind to create new things is something that I think is going to help me in the long run, mentally, and maybe even physically, you never know. So I went onto which is where I go when I want to learn some type of nonsense. Udemy is a great source for random classes such as Psychology of a serial killer, or how to write YA books, and it also includes courses on how to create food videos. I am not saying I am getting the course, but I am looking into it, and other places to learn the same thing. If I am going to make this step into a new area I want to learn before I do. Better to know and grow right?

This was a short post I was just excited about where my brain took me today, and it could mean new things to come!

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