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...and just like that the girls are back in school

A little while ago we got the word that the high school would be starting a hybrid version of school which allows the kids to go in 2 days a week. Half of the alphabet Mondays and Wednesdays then the other half Tuesday and Thursday, Fridays everyone is back on zoom.

Chloe has chosen to continue to stay remote which is fine with us. Honestly the less kids in the school the better. She still has to adhere to the same schedule as her fellow students, but at least she feels better about classwork and her anxiety.

Brianna and Alex were also given the choice to go back or stay remote. I let Brianna decide and she said she wanted to go back which was no shocker as she is a social butterfly and really misses her friends and the classroom setting. We also are putting Alex in school because I believe 100% that she needs to see what a classroom is like, and needs to meet her friends face to face. It also allows us to give Veronica a chance to see what its like not having Alex home.

I was discussing this with my mother in law and I realized, slightly sadly, that it was an end of an era, the babies have been each others security blankets, best friends, room mates, and playmates since Veronica was born. They haven't even really spent nights apart. Alex has done 2 playdates without Veronica and Veronica was a mess when she left. When the school year started Dan took Veronica places to take her mind of not being able to play with Alex because she has to focus on school.

Now Alex will be in school and then in 2 years Veronica will start school as well, they will make their own friends, find their own passions, and fun. The closeness may still be there, but it wont be how this first 4 years has been. Which is the point of growing up but still sad.

Chloe and Brianna were never that close but that has as much to do with their age difference as it does they are just completely different people. They played together, for sure, but by the time Brianna was old enough to be "fun" Chloe was in 2nd grade and had made friends, joined girl scouts, and started becoming her own person. They shared a room till Brianna was 10. We are thinking it will be easier to have the babies share a room longer because they're so close in age.

At the end of the day I am glad that things are heading in the direction of what my kids remember as normal. I am thrilled that Alex will get a chance to see what Kindergarten is really like. I am glad that the school districts have allowed families to make their own decisions about staying or going back in. There are many things I'd love to change that our school districts do but for now I will be happy that my kids get to go back, even if its only 2 days a week. Are your kids back in school? Are they handeling it ok or would you rather them stay home longer?

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