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...and then what happened

I will be honest here, I have a lot that I would love to post about. I have a lot of recipes I would love to share, but do I? Nope, I allow myself to get overwhelmed and I talk myself out of logging on and expressing myself. Literally even now, I just stopped typing because I found other things that need my attention.

What is wrong with me? Honestly, it is something I have been pondering lately, do I really just have this short attention span? I have always wanted to be able to sit down and knit, or read or write, but I constantly find myself being distracted, usually by kids, no shocker there.

Lately I have been doing some research into it, and adult ADHD pops up a lot, I brought it up to my Dr and we have to rule out some other things first.

With that in mind I have also been trying to give myself a break and not forcing my attention for long periods of time. Which includes long posts. I find that when I do try to do long posts I wind up rambling and no one wants that crazy.

Short and sweet for now should be good for a little while.

I hope you don't mind

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