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At a loss

I have been wanting to write something for awhile but I go back and forth on what to write. I open my laptop, log in, and then nothing. Or I'll start writing and wont like where it goes and I erase and walk away. I have ideas and some work out and some don't. I will also say my mood plays a huge roll in my blogs. I am using this website as a way to express myself and how to learn to write better but there are just days that I don't want to do anything, I don't want to try to figure out what my brain is trying to get out.

I have an actual list of things to write about and yet I still am at a loss sometimes on what to say. I tend to want to sensor myself so I get more followers but in all honesty I should just write what I want because this website is more for me and specific people than it is to be a money maker or a jump into a full time job.

I have to learn that even if it is short I need to put something out, its what helps the most.

Its crazy because some days hard as I try I just can't find the right words so I post nothing and a couple days later I have so many things to say that it baffles me. I need to learn how my brain works I guess. Hahaha

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