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Can you say BUSY

Last week brought a lot of busy, between work, Brianna’s practices, games and tournaments, Veronica’s Ninja class, and Alex’s dance class and recitals not much room to lay low. My meal plans have started to go a little wonky, the days and nights are shorter than expected, not enough minutes and all that. With that being said what a week! Veronica is loving Ninja class, she is doing amazing which is to be expected, I have to figure out what to put her in next, gymnastics, baseball, swimming, lots of options and with school ending and time opening up. Brianna had one off games Tuesday and Thursday, both wins both great games. Brianna hit a milestone Thursday, literally, by hitting her first over the fence home run! We couldn’t be prouder and I love that she was able to make that achievement, she’s been working hard on it. She’s still unsure if she’s playing next year and we are trying to let her make the choice on her own. It’s hard to allow your children to make the tough decisions alone, but she knows she can come to us if she has issues coming to a decision. Alex also had her end of the year dance recital, some changes were made but I think it worked out best for her. She did beautifully, no tears, no stage fright, and when I talked to her teacher(a close friend) she said Alex was smiling so big when it was over. I have videos for all of these things and pictures! This week was emotional for me, all the girls are hitting milestones, chloe is 1week from being a senior in high school, IN HIGH SCHOOL. Alex is finishing kindergarten, Brianna is meeting and beating expectations in school and softball, and Veronica is just growing and growing as a person and an athlete. It’s not every day that it hits but for some reason this week it has hit and hit and hit over and over again, the girls are growing up, as they are supposed to, and I’ve been lucky to be able to watch from the front line, I’ve been able to be there to cheer them on and support them in everything. I had to tell Alex last week that as moms and dads we have to some times make decisions they might not like, we have to do what’s best for them all around not just in the moment. She didn’t understand fully which is fine but after we talked I thought about that for a long time, and knowing that sometimes we have to make a tough decision it made me want to enjoy the easy ones more. Enjoy the fun moments, and the happy ones. So when Brianna hit the home run I cried with her, when Alex nailed the dance I hugged her so tight when Veronica ran her ninja course faster than any other kid I clapped and cheered, and when Chloe needed help with her hair I was happy to do it because she doesn’t need as much from us anymore. So a busy week turned into a week of reflection, a week of thoughts and memories, and a reminder it won’t always be so busy, enjoy it.

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