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Early to sleep, still not early to wake

When winter break ended I told myself that I would be getting up early to make sure Brianna got up and ate breakfast and feed the dogs. It also would allow me to make breakfast for the babies before Alex started her school as well. I am not a morning person, I never have been. I like sleeping and I hate waking up. Once I do get up I am usually good to go, I usually never get a chance to take a nap or stop until bedtime.

Bedtime at our house is 8(ish) and technically I could go to bed right then as well, but what adult doesn't like having some quiet time once all the kids are asleep. I start catching up on a show or watching a movie and then I look down at my phone and its midnight. Go to bed and lay down, by the time I fall asleep its 1 or 2AM.

I needed to end that cycle so I have been trying to go to bed between 9 and 10 at the latest and just go right to reading my book because scrolling through Facebook and Instagram keeps me up way longer. I enjoy using my kindle on my phone because it allows me to turn off the light which helps Dan sleep.

The first couple days were fine, but fixing my sleep issues while also fixing my health issues is harder than I imagined. I have had a lot of sleep issues the last 10 years, and I have realized it has a lot to do with my health so I am walking, working out, better sleeping habits, and trying to eat better but its a slow process, its a day by day process and I am taking it seriously!

Setting alarms, reminders, and notifications for myself is very helpful. I am also working on time management. Procrastination is a LARGE part of my make up and I need to get it fixed. One of the reasons I think I am always procrastinating is I am always feeling tired and the better sleeping should help with that.

I have never really set goals for myself but I am trying to set a lot of goals at one time. This will be interesting.

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