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Gearing up for Spring/Summer

I was driving Brianna to practice one day last week and I realized it was still light out. It wasn't full on sun up but it was still daylight. One thought came to mind...Spring is around the corner! With the nice weather and longer days comes melting snow, yard clean up, and a much heavier schedule to handle. I think we are as ready as can be for softball season when it comes to the babies. I got them a new chair, its a hammock chair, we have our pop up tent, comfy chairs, wagon, and all the simple crafts, and tablet games to distract the babies.

Now its a matter of making sure house stuff still gets done, budget is still adhered to, and I don't leave any babies at any fields. School is still in session till end of May so we also have to make sure grades are still good and no one gets lost in the end of the year shuffle.

Its a little crazy to think about the fact that at the end of this school year I will have a Senior, 7th grader, and 1st grader.

I am sitting in the Wisconsin Dells on the balcony of my room and typing this, its not a hard way to spend a weekend, but the thoughts running through my mind are a list of what I need to do when we get home, are the babies alright at home, is Dan ok and good if he gets called to work. I dont think I ever turn it off, it seems impossible, but you wont know till you try.

So this post is going to be short, and I am going to go watch a Harry Potter movie without babies screaming in my ear, then Im gonna go hang with Brianna and the girls, and maybe even some adult time later...woah...or bed early and more sleep! The choices are endless this weekend.

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