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Hit the ground running

My day started normally, its Saturday here and I usually try and sleep in a little bit. Which means I was out of bed by 845 AM. Breakfast with the babies and then I remembered a conversation I had with Chloe about taking a day a week to clean up the house. So I got busy figuring this day is as good as any and the babies were preoccupied in their room and would most likely not interfere with my efforts.

I will state here that I am not a great house wife, I hate cleaning, I get fairly enraged and just tired of cleaning the same mess all the time. Its like groundhogs day in my house and it just makes me so sad to deal with. Clean all the dishes, next day sink is full of dishes. Pick up toys, hour later all toys are back on the floor. I wind up looking at the mess and get worn down and just ignore it.

Now I am trying to do better, trying to overcome the feelings and get what needs to be done, done. I started with the kitchen table, throw away old mail, fix Alex's school supplies, make the babies put away their toys, clean off the table cloth, and viola done. That wasn't so bad, maybe I could do more, so I started on the kitchen counter. Same story throw away mail, throw away old trash, put the thousands of pens in the drawer, why are there bubbles on my counter? Put them away and out of the babies reach, put away air fryer, where does the air fryer go, I swear to God there was a place for it somewhere, oh well I'll shove it here, soak down the counter and wipe it down, fresh and clean. Wow that wasn't bad so maybe I can do a little more. The babies, as crazy as it may seem, haven't bothered me, and I am watching/listening to my shows while I clean, this is actually a fairly nice deal. I picked up the floor kicked the dogs outside and swept and swiffered the floors. It is crazy the amount of crumbs, dust, little particles of anything wind up on our floor. I am lucky the front room and kitchen are wood and tile so easy to clean and sweep, so glad we don't have carpet out here. The last job I tackled was putting away our Christmas tree, the lights have been taken down and ornaments had been removed for awhile but the actual taking it down and putting it away hadn't been done yet. We have had our Christmas tree for about 5 years now and I have always put the tree back in the box it came in, this year I looked at the sad, broken, flimsy box and realized that there was no way I was gonna be able to use it anymore. Looked around and decided a garbage bag would have to do, Brianna helped take down the tree layer by layer, fold up the branches and put it into the bag, it fit by the way. I wasn't 100% sure but we got it all in, didn't make any holes in the bag and closed it tight. Chloe unloaded the dishwasher and loaded it up again and we got the garbage taken out and tree put away in the garage till next December.

Pretty proud of myself for getting it done, for not letting my brain decide not to clean. I definitely feel accomplished, I walked away from what I did feeling like doing more wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. I like to keep things, way longer than necessary I feel like some day I will be in a position that causes memory loss and I will need all the things to give me the reminders I need of the memories I have made in my life. This thought process has led to a lot of stuff that isn't needed, I am in the process of working on those thoughts and dealing with letting it go and down sizing a whole lot. It was a productive Saturday morning and I still had time to run around with the babies, read them books, do a couple loads of laundry and go out with Dan for a little bit before he had to go to bed before work calls. Who knows what Sunday will bring? Oh yeah that's right, softball practice...never ending story of my life.

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