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Less time than I expected

When I started this blog I told myself I would write more, I would keep up the site better. This was it. This is my outlet for all the creative things I want to do. That is easier said than done when I am carting my kids around, preparing for summer season, and starting a new job. I can not let that stop me, I can not use that as an excuse to go back to doing nothing.

I have used my grandmother and the fact that we use this as a way to communicate, as a way to keep updated as a reason to post. That alone has kept me going longer than I probably would have so I am grateful to have her in my corner on this.

Brianna had her last games indoor for the season a couple weeks ago she had what we parents like to term as "Way to fucking late" games. The games were scheduled for 11pm, 1220am, and 140am, they were slightly delayed so we started the final game around 2/215. On the plus side the games were hosting in Montgomery, IL which is right down the street from where I grew up, I never get down to that area anymore and I like going every once in awhile so it was nice being there. On the other hand our games were at such late times its not like I could walk down memory lane. We drove past Fox Valley Mall and that in itself was a blast from the past and brought back a lot of memories most of all, the Olive Garden there as it was where we would go to celebrate birthdays and unfortunately when my great grandmother passed it was were we went after the wake. All in all the trip was good, not a lot of sleep, but Brianna played well and they won 2 of the 3 games. When we went back home I had to deal with some plumbing issues but that is the life of a homeowner.

Yesterday was Easter, this is not a huge holiday in our house, it is not something I spend time or money on, but we do go to Dan's grandmas house and have dinner, and the grandparents set up an egg hunt, and a couple of goodies for my girls. It was a gorgeous day yesterday, beautiful breeze and sunshine all day, nice enough for capris pants and flip flops for me! We have been having some issues with Veronica lately and that kind of came to head but for the most part the girls had a good day and since the weather was nice so did I.

I started training for my new job today, seems fairly easy and my manager is very nice, I continue training tomorrow and then start probably next week on my regular schedule. I am excited to have this new thing to do and keep me busy. I am going to have to manage my time a little better because garden season is here, as well as softball, and we have some repairs we need to make to the house as well. I don't want to push anything off anymore, just get it all done!! Now I am off to finish my laundry, homework for tomorrow, and finish figuring out what we want growing this year.

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