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Nine to Five

I am looking to find a job again. It's not the easiest thing to do for the schedule I need. It would be great if I could find a stay at home job, or a job that allows my to have complete control of my schedule but those types of jobs also usually need some type of college degree, or is a pyramid scheme and I am not up for either of those options.

I did get a call from the Census asking if I would be interested in working again and I think I could make it work, it would just be interesting trying to get the week of training figured out. I also got a lead on a work from home job via Facebook and actually put together a resume fairly quickly. It would have been even faster had I not worked for the Census the last 2 go arounds. I have worked since I was about 13, when I helped my parents with their company. I would be there every afternoon after school, and weekends, it taught me a lot about my work ethic. Once I was old enough I also worked PotBelly's Sandwich shop and IHOP for many years. I also continued to work for my parents on and off until I was in my 20s. Once I had my 2 child and we decided to move farther north I stopped working all together and focused on the new house, new location and getting the girls into activities and taking over the room mom and girl scout mom roles.

I am just hoping for something part time that allows me to add to our family income while not taking away from or making out normal routine to stressful. I still have Brianna's softball season coming up and I have to be available for that, as well as making sure the babies enjoy their summer. I am hoping I can find something that wont pull me in to many directions.

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