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Our weekend

Living in Northern Illinois you are bound to get some snow, last winter we had maybe 2 snow falls that needed to be shoveled. Not a lot of chances for the babies to play in snow, and we had all the stuff ready for them too. This year we've had a couple snowfalls that allowed the babies to go out and enjoy the snow fun. We also went outside to enjoy a snow fire and show them how to make snowballs and snowmen.

This weekend Saturday I bought tickets to go see the Croods 2, the whole family enjoyed the first one so why not try the second one. Its your usual cartoon movie and I am sure it would have been great but about 15 minutes in Dan got called to work so I left the babies to finish the movie with Brianna and Chloe, to get him back home and helped him get ready, went back to the theatre and picked everyone up. Saturday night was also the start of a fairly large snowstorm and by the time the movie was over the snow was falling hard and sticking to the ground. We all got home had dinner and just relaxed while the storm fell. Sunday morning I got the text that due to the storm Brianna's practice was cancelled so I slept a little longer. Got up and realized that I needed to hit the store because my first month of meal planning starts Monday. Brianna wanted snow pants, hahaha snow pants in February good luck Brianna, so she tagged along. Kohls, JC Penny, Meijer none of them had snow pants. Shocker...Amazon has them but most were $50 or not in stock till March. Brianna finally found a pair that would get here soon and not cost a crazy amount of money. When I went into Meijer it looked like it had been ransacked, almost no produce to be found and a lot of shelves were bare, I got what I could from there and then had to go to a different store to get the rest. That has honestly never happened before. So it took about 4 hours but I had hit 5 stores and shopped for the week of groceries. Got home and shoveled a little more since the snow had stopped for a while, and sat down. All though the stores were not crowded it is still exhausting going through them.

It is nice though, I had my list and I didn't steer away from it by getting a bunch of random things, and that in the long run will save us money. The week of groceries was probably somewhere around $200-$250 at most and I am able to use items that we already have as well. Smart shopping will always be the best way to go.

Once I was done shopping and shoveling I got a chance to chill for a bit, then it was dinner time, clean up time, and bed time. It was a pretty quick weekend, they usually are but for some reason this felt like it flew by, maybe because the snow prevented us from doing much of anything.

Next weekend is the super bowl and we will be watching at a friends house. I am absolutely going to write about that because I am very excited about the menu we chose for game day!

Hope your weekend was just as fun filled. Leave a comment about what you did, and if you had to deal with a storm like we did.

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