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Although I post on my Instagrams fairly often, I will start sharing pictures here as well. Makes it a one stop shop. Allows those who do not have an Instagram access to what I am posting! This weekend was fun, I think Brianna had a great time with her team mates, and I got to spend time with other moms without a care in the world. I also got to enjoy some softball games and softball wins. Brianna's team won 3 games that took them to the championship game and although they played hard they did lose that game. Second place isn't anything to sneeze at, and the loss allows them to learn and learn how to grow from the bad. We have a lot of games scheduled for this Spring and Summer. The girls have all the time in the world to show what they have learned together and separately.

I will be looking into being able to post pictures right from my phone and a lot of my pictures have been of food lately, so I am waiting to share those with my recipes. I just purchased a tripod for my phone that I am going to use to practice and start posting videos along with my recipes that I write out. It is something very new to me but I am excited to try it and see how I do. I am doing research and taking classes to try and make sense of all the steps that are involved in the process. I am concerned that I am starting this as the softball season is picking up but I will figure it all out!

Plus side the weather is getting nicer here, we have windows and doors open today and it just feels better. As Alex is doing school Veronica is outside playing in the sun, and the dogs are also outside soaking up the sun and enjoying the warm fresh air while hoping Veronica shares her snacks.

I am going to get back to research and planning mode, make sure you check out the pictures section for new pictures every once in a while and look for a new full length blog soon.

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