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Remember to do the fun things

I have to constantly remind myself that the way to make memories is to do something. Memories are not made by sitting around doing nothing.

A local farm planted over 100,000 tulip bulbs and created their very own tulip fields. The Tulips finally bloomed and I wanted to make sure I took Brianna, I try very hard to make sure Brianna gets to do the extra stuff since she spends so much time and effort on softball. We invited to of her friends whos moms I just happen to be good friends with as well. It was a gorgeous day but so very very windy. The Tulips were so pretty, they had a ton of different verities and it was fun to walk through them and see the names and the colors. It was nice to just enjoy some time with friends and just talk, the farm had some games that the girls played while the moms just hung out in the super windy but nice weather. Then we went back to the fields and picked some of the Tulips for home. It wasn't an all day affair and it wasn't some huge deal. but what is was was about 2 hours of relaxing fun time with friends, it was beautiful, it was the perfect way to just enjoy a couple moments. I am so happy we made the time, and found a way to go and enjoy the Tulips.

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