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Softball, in January, in Illinois, sure okay...

Brianna and I had a mom and daughter weekend this past weekend, we drove to Pekin, IL about 3 hours away so that Brianna and her softball team could compete in the Snow Ball Classic at the Avanti Dome.

We dropped off the babies with Grandma Dawn and headed out. Got to the hotel with time to spare so we relaxed and ate a little bit before her first 2 games Friday night. Now that she is in the older divisions games get later and later. Her games Friday were 8:10 and 9:25. The first game went very well, Brianna's team winning 17-3. Brianna got 2 hits, both doubles, and together both hits brought in 4 runs.

The second game was closer with Brianna's team winning 3-1. Brianna got 1 hit and helped get some good outs at 3rd base. Once the second game was over we all headed back to the hotel to enjoy some pizza with the team and families, coach let us know we were first seed going into bracket play and we took that good news and hit the sack.

In the morning I went to Dunkin and got the team some donuts because I was hosting the teams holiday party. All the girls showed up around 11am and we handed out gifts, guess their secret Santa's, and had fun with a couple white elephant games. The girls hung out for a bit and played games, then we had to get ready to play again. Got back to the dome and I watched the other teams play while Brianna and her team warmed up. First game at 345 was great the girls played hard, Brianna got walked both times but the girls won 6-2, which meant on to the Championship game!

Not much down time between games, and the team we were up against also had not lost a game all tournament, we knew we were in for a great game! One hour game time and I had a whole bunch of nerves going on. It was close, it was a nail bitter, but right when time was up one of Brianna's team mates went up to bat and hit a double which allowed the tying and lead run to score. WE WON!!! I was so proud of the girls and the fact that even when they were down they fought and got the win back. The ladies celebrated, got their medals, got their plaque, and parents took a TON of pictures.

Took Brianna back to the hotel, made dinner plans with another team mate, and then Brianna and 2 team mates hung out in our room playing heads up and having the time of their lives, I just hung out on my bed listening and laughing at their weird answers and dumb jokes. I kicked the girls out at midnight and got some sleep before we had to check out in the morning and get back home.

What a weekend, again so proud of the girls and so proud of Brianna, it wasn't her best games but she didn't let the bad weigh down the good and she didn't let the negative beat the positive.

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