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Still looking for a way to share recipes

As much as I love just writing, I really love cooking and sharing my cooking with people I have looked into special ways to record myself, to taking pictures of my process, and different ways of sharing with those who want to read about it.

I don't like not being able to share this part of me, I don't think it will be hard to get it going once I finish figuring out. I do have a lot of recipes saved up. Some tacos, some wings, casseroles, and chicken thighs.

At the moment we are trying to eat more at home, less fast food, or take out. Its a way of keeping us accountable for ourselves and also helping us lose a little weight for the new year. Also saves us money in the long run. Having a couple Costcos so close to us is helpful because buying things in bulk and most likely on sale is so much better than running to the store every couple days.

I also love having a meal plan, I try to go at least one month out and I started setting up a spreadsheet with every meal on it. Then at the beginning of the week I make my grocery list for the week. I do try to make meals that include items that we already have at home, also cutting down on cost at the store. Fresh is great but frozen is just as good when it comes to vegetables. We have been looking into a standing freezer, to allow us to buy more on sale and just have it ready for us when we need it, meat, vegetables, snacks, and such.

I am hoping that being able to share recipes comes soon, I can't wait to share that part of me on here.

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