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Summer Girls

A fun throw back to when I was 13, that's crazy to think this was that long ago. Summer has been busy, softball ended with a bang, Brianna's team took 3rd at Nationals, and did so in such a glorious fashion I couldn't be prouder of the whole team and Brianna especially. She is a force to be reckoned with and doesn't even know it.

About 4 days after Nationals Brianna, Alex, Veronica, and I headed out East to visit my mom and Roy in New Hampshire. We are here for 18 days and I am so glad to have this time with my mom, and the rest of the family. We were supposed to end the visit with a weekend in Maine but that got cancelled which sucks a little bit but gives me more time to just hang and enjoy my kids enjoying time with Nonnie and Roy.. We have been downtown Boston twice, Aquarium, Duck tours, Make way for Ducklings, Faneuil Hall shopping, and just walking around the city,

It is an interesting thing going from being a kid visiting every summer to being a mom showing her kids all the things she grew up doing. The changes that time always brings, and the things that stay the same, it hit me on the Duck tour, I've been on that tour numerous times, and I can tell you I never knew 1/2 the things I learned this time around, mostly because as a kid I wasn't listening, I was people watching, building watching, and not giving two figs about the history of the city, or why that building or this garden was made. Now as a mom and adult I actually paid attention to what the tour guide was saying, while also watching my kids tune him out and just being amazed by the city.

The trip took me to Swan Pond in North Reading, MA, the place that holds summer memories for me from way back to maybe 5 years old till 13/14 years old. Memories of playing Queen of hearts with my uncles, eating cucumber sandwiches with grandma, swimming in the pond, being scared to swim in the pond. Memories of that place are almost endless, they are a HUGE part of my childhood. The pond is my happy place which I say often. We went to do a short walk, and show the girls the house my mom grew up in (without electricity, yikes) and the camp I spent my time in. Just getting out of the car and breathing in the air I could feel myself relaxing a little. I could feel happiness and I never want that to change, There are few things that relax me within seconds, Dan's hugs(corny yes, fact also yes) the pond, a library, and flying. Strange list maybe but those things bring my blood pressure down without question. It was nice to enjoy the pond, to walk and have mom remember all the people who lived there when she did. To see the huge changes in houses, and paved roads, and there is an island in the pond, it look so small this trip, it looked tiny and not scary which is definitely not how my childhood remembers it.

Brianna got to go on a trip to New York City with Roy. The goal was the Harry Potter store, and then everything else was a bonus. They left early Thursday morning, and had the bestest of times. Central Park, Comic book stores, random strangers chatting with them, and upgraded first class train tickets home. I am glad she got that time and to do something just her. This trip was supposed to be so the babies could be with mom for a bit, they don't get the time Chloe and Brianna got with her at their age, but its also a chance for Brianna to have a great vacation, softball has been such a huge part of her life that I wanted her to just enjoy the off time.

We have a couple days left before we leave for home and the start of school. Chloe is a SENIOR, where has the time gone, Brianna will be heading into 7th grade and excited to try out for volleyball, and Alex is in first grade. One more year and then Veronica joins in the fun in kindergarten.

This year is gonna be interesting to say the least. So I'm gonna go enjoy all my vacation time before packing and work starts again....

The top pic is Chloe and Bri in 2010, bottom is this year Alex and Veronica(2021) Love doing this with my girls!

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