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The generic post about us! (The first old post)

Hello, I am Jasmine and I am a stay at home mom who wanted to create something and with the help of my train engineer husband we came up with the idea to start a site that helps other families who are apart of the transportation world. This is not only for those families, I am hoping to reach many people with my recipes, family antics, every day ideas, and short cuts that we use. Here is a little about the whole family whom I am sure you will read about as the site grows. Again I am Jasmine, I have been a stay at home mom for about 4 years now, we have 3 kids (all girls...ugh) ranging in ages from 12 down to 1. I mostly spend my days with my husband, carting around my older girls to softball practice and games, grocery shopping, cooking, and working on ways to spend more time with the family and less time with my kitchen. I do love cooking and creating my own recipes, or putting my twist on other recipes I have found. I am sarcastic, and definitely not your typical "leave it to beaver" mother, I swear and yell and don't believe our kids should be coddled. I was raised by a young single mother and was a young mother as well which might be why we parent the way we do. Dan is my husband, he works for a major rail company and has worked for them since 2003. His schedule and his hours can be and have been very random. It is beyond difficult to explain but for other transportation families you probably know what we deal with. He also dabbles in Highland games (think kilts, and telephone poles AKA caber), I may get into that a little too. We have been married since 2007 and bought our first house 4 years ago. Chloe is our oldest at 12 (almost 13...yikes), she is in seventh grade. She thinks she knows everything and is probably pretty similar to me. She plays softball and sings in her school choir. Does really well in school (that's all from her dad), and could probably spend a whole weekend just watching Netflix and sleeping. She can be pretty amazing and I also usually want to kill her at least twice a day. She is interested in baking (which I suck at) so if she posts it will usually include a baking recipe. Brianna is our middle daughter she just turned 8 and is in second grade. She also plays softball and really enjoys it. She is sensitive and loving, which could become an issue in a couple years. She is an amazing older sister, and is super smart. She is a little absent minded which drives me up a wall but she is my Banana (her nick name I'm not allowed to use anymore) and I let her get away with almost anything. She probably wont be posting anything but I'm sure stories about her will make it on here sooner or later. Alexandria is our youngest, she just turned 1. She is a character and her personality comes out more everyday. She is a walking tornado and loves to pull our dogs tail (which I try and stop). She was born early and spent time in our hospitals NICU, since then all is well but the experience will never be forgotten. Since I spend all my time with her you will probably get to know her pretty well. She loves her family but really loves her puppy the most. Sandy is our dog, she is a Pitt Bull Terrier, we rescued her 3 and a half years ago when she was only 5 months. She is amazing and all though I am not a fan of her barking, or her getting into things she shouldn't, she has been a great dog. The girls love her, and she loves EVERYONE. A ferocious guard dog she is not. Her favorite things to do is hang out under Alex's highchair during meals, chasing balls in the backyard, and going to doggy daycare for sleepovers. So that's everyone! This was just a short little post to get things going. I will keep posting as I learn my way around this site. This is a learning experience for me and I hope you come along for the ride! If you have any questions, comments, or thoughts please feel free to leave them. I would love to connect with our readers and welcome questions about the lifestyle or anything in general

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