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Turning frustration into Productivity

My plan for this new website was to blog and share my recipes. I enjoy cooking and I enjoy sharing what I make. I've been asked for recipes before and I enjoy the idea of someone making and enjoying something I created. I try and make twists on comfort dishes, I enjoy trying new seasonings with different vegetables and meats, making one pot meals to slim down my dirty dishes.

With this new website they have an app which allows me to put together recipes but it wont allow me to share them on the blog. I am going to keep writing and keep researching ways to share the recipes.

As I was looking around today and doing research, I realized I was getting overly frustrated and I needed to take a step back. I normally get so frustrated that I quit and there in lies one of my issues I am trying to correct this year.

So instead of being frustrated and stopping I am changing lanes and writing another blog. I am taking the time to think about what my next step will be, started thinking outside of the box and thinking of different ways to share the recipes. I am still writing up recipes and just saving them as drafts.

I am also working on a monthly meal calendar, dinner only, I started it in Google sheets but its stumping me as well. I am not good at Google sheets, or Excel, but it seems like the easiest way to get a monthly plan together. I need all the help I can get, I am looking into all the YouTube videos I can. If you have any insight to what I can do to speed along my education in Google sheets it would be great.

Now I am going to go plan some more meals and blogs

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