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Walking into 2021

I have been trying to watch my weight and also start working out more. Dan has a work out plan that kicks my ass pretty much every time. I was chatting with my friend about that and she was interested so we started talking about ways to workout together, since we do not live near each other. She came up with walking challenges. Fitbit provides us with different hiking trails to choose from and we essentially race each other till the trail is over. Then we start again. I am competitive in a sense and I find this to be a fun way to get exercise in. I am hoping this is the year of improvement on so many levels of my life. Dan and I have set goals and I love that we have something to work towards together. We both realize from all the things that hit us in 2020 that we need to get our lives together. We've been lucky to get this far we want to show the girls what hard work will and can do. You do not get anywhere if you just sit around thinking about how to get better. Action is key, action can be difficult for some, getting stuck in your own head, in your own negative thoughts can be killer. Feeling the weight of how much change you're hoping for can be killer, and take some people down a dark road. Its not a bad thing or a thing that you did wrong but you have to find a way to get out of that thought process, you have to fight for the change you want.

I acknowledge that as I am writing this I should be in the gym and that today was a complete waste for me. That is going to happen, life happens, shit happens. There will be days that I wake up and just can't get it together. That's ok I am not expecting to make a complete 180 change overnight. I just have to beat myself up a little bit and then get it together for tomorrow.

There are a lot of challenges that I am working through to just get the energy to work out to find the time and mental positivity to get in the garage and do what needs to be done. I find being lazy the easiest way to go about my days. I have days that I am go go going and chasing after 2 kids while dropping off the other 2 at sports or school or a friends house. This has been made a little easier with Chloe getting her license but still the schedule at the house can be crazy so when I do not have to do anything its like I reserve my energy but in reality I am just being lazy, I am not in shape and I could use as much movement as possible. So here I am getting ready to acknowledge my faults and move on and become something better. It may not be today but I will hold myself accountable!

Do you have something you need to be held accountable for? Something you know needs to change? Its not easy but your physical and mental health are important!

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