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Winter wonderland

We had a snowstorm of sorts in IL on Monday night. We received a couple inches of fluffy snow. We took the afternoon to play outside and to build a fire. The babies went crazy, snowball fights, rolling around and shoveling our back yard. We tried to make a snowman but it wasn't packing well so we made a mini one. Brianna came out and joined us when her classes were done. We made the dogs do all sorts of things, they were very much enjoying chasing the sticks, although we don't think Scout understands Sandy's love of chewing them after she catches them.

Dan built one heck of a winter bonfire, I think we had a bigger fire in January than we ever did last summer, it was awesome. The heat from the fire started melting all the snow from around the pit so it made slush which was a mess but funny to see. We all love a good fire here.

I posted a couple videos and a bunch of pictures that go along with our day. It really was a great way to spend some time together. In the winter we don't go outside as much, so this was a nice break in our normal day.

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